Redland 2 Vs Lydney 2

Date 17 November 2018
Team Redland 2
Opposition Lydney 2
Fixture Away
Venue Freedom Leisure Lydney
Start time 15:00
Result W 4 - 1
Time played Normal time
Match Report

On a beautiful, almost blindingly sunny afternoon, those of us smart enough not to get ourselves injured in training travelled across the channel to Lydney.

From the start, we were putting the pressure on Lydney and with the fantastic interceptions, runs and passes our midfielders and attackers made, our defence could have thought they had a day off. However, it was lucky they remained focussed and organised, as it soon proved to be a hard-fought match of quick ping-pong hockey with chances on both sides, though Redland had the advantage in terms of both quantity and quality of chances. Soon, we had our first short corner, which sailed past the right post - the second, which followed quickly, was expertly converted, however, by our centre back Emily - way to steal the forwards' credit, Emily!

With that extra bit of wind in our sails, we continued strong, with a particularly hardworking midfield - great ball distribution by KP and Anna, plenty of opposition D cameos by captain Woody and many great runs down the lines by Duracell Molly and lightning-speed Laura provided not only entertaining hockey to watch for the supporters, but also a good supply of balls for our forwards Cat and Bettie who put in some nice runs and great 1-2s with aforementioned midfielders and also managed to get some more short corners which led to another beautiful goal by midfielding superstar KP. 

Still, it was not as if Lydney had no chances and the great defensive organisation by goalie Rosie as well as Pav, Claire and Emily along with our midfield did well to keep the clean sheet until half-time, with a special mention for a save on the line during a defensive short corner by our short corner hero Emily. 

Whilst 2-0 is a nice half-time score, we hadn't quite forgotten about our frustrating draw against Wick two weeks ago, where we could not bring a very well deserved half-time lead over the time, so we kept pushing for more goals, with a slightly different attacking strategy which saw Bettie as a high attacker. 

Despite plenty of threats at their goal, Lydney were the first to get on the scoresheet in the second half. But our brave heroines showed plenty of character and responded to that quickly, with a couple of beautiful attacks initiated mostly by runs down the lines by Molly and Laura or down the middle by Woody and some great passing amongst the midfielders. Soon, a long corner was expertly converted by a cold-blooded Cat who beat a defender and goalie with a beautiful turn and accurate shot. Soon after, Bettie narrowly missed the top left corner of the goal during her second shot at goal.

The game became a bit scrappier towards the end, but not generally unfair. With one more converted short corner up front (KP again, hammering it just underneath the top of the back board) and a couple of saved Lydney corners at the back, we were allowed to call it a day. 

After the poshest match teas in a while, the votes were in: whilst really it was a great team effort, especially seeing as we had no subs, our MOM was Molly who runs more in her second match of the day (school match first!) than the average person moves in a month*

DOD for Laura for attacking her own knee with her stick as well as our injured players Abi and Mitch who missed a fun-tastic team effort. Get well, soon, guys!

*NB there is no scientific basis for this claim whatsoever, but, basically, she can run.

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