Redland 2 Vs Wick

Date 3 November 2018
Team Redland 2
Opposition Wick
Fixture Away
Venue Metropolitan College
Start time 11:30
Result D 1 - 1
Time played Normal time
Match Report

With twelve valiant players - half of whom suffering from various seasonal ailments - Redland started tentatively, analysing the opposition, before increasingly taking control of the game. Our midfielders worked hard to intercept many passes, turnover the balls and feed to our forwards who, time-after-time, entered the unfortunately well-defended opposition D. The quick counter attacks, however, gave our defenders a chance to show off their skills and especially Em-ill-y proved her ability to remain calm under pressure. The majority of the pressure was on the other goal, however, where Wick's goalkeeper helped keep the clean sheet for a long time, before a beautiful deflection by Mitch, following a hard pass from the right, managed to find its way into the net. If anybody has this on camera, I recommend submitting it for goal of the week, it was certainly a thing of beauty!

It seemed that more goals were deserved in this half, however it remained at a modest 1-0. 

After some Halloween's reject candies and half-time team talk resulting in the decision not to leave the left half of the pitch unattended for any longer, Redland continued the game they had played in first half, with attack after attack getting intercepted, an abundance of short corners unused and the high levels of possession not amounting to any success on the scoreboard - too organised was the opposition defence, too quick the reflexes of their goalie. When frustration about this, as well as the high level of physicality displayed took over, a green card was given, leaving Redland even more frustrated and slightly less organised. It was during this time that Wick found some energy reserves and increased attacks of their own. This phase of the game eventually led to a short corner given to Wick, which resulted in a goal being scored.

After a hectic finish, in which each side could have taken the win, but neither ultimately did, we were left feeling like we could have won this game with a little bit more luck. 

Still, it wasn't meant to be, and with some sausages and chips, a week's time to overcome this disappointment and some good training, let us use this energy during next week's adventures, when the hopefully recovered team take on Clifton Robinsons at home.

Thanks to Bettina for the match report

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