Redland 3 Vs Mendip 3

Date 20 October 2018
Team Redland 3
Opposition Mendip 3
Fixture Away
Venue St Gregory's School
Start time 13:30
Result D 2 - 2
Time played
Match Report

Travelling to Chew Valley with only nine players (and no GK) the thirds knew they were going to have a hard job to do against Mendip 3s, who had full squad and a very tall goalie. Terri outlined the formation in the pre-match briefing and everyone came onto the pitch knowing what their job was.

In fact, Redland had the majority of possession in the first half, with endless attacks from Tilly, Becca and Macy. However, we let Mendip through towards the end of the first half and they clinched a straightforward goal.

Only 0-1 down at half time we had everything to play for and it was early in the second half that we won a short corner and Becca H nicked the ball in on the left post from a strike by Viv. Mendip clawed one back midway through the second half, when Redland just couldn't prevent the striker putting a foot in the circle before striking.

But, in a way, that spurred the team on again and not long after, after a sustained period of Redland pressure the ball fell to Viv, who aimed at goal for Alicia to connect with on the left post - classic!

Comments from around the table at teas included;
"A fantastic performance from all of the 3rd team today."
"We played really well as a team and worked together really well."
"We all ran across the pitch as a group and stayed in our set formation."
"Everybody played awsomely together and we used the whole pitch."

Players of the match were Becca H and Katherine B. No DoD this week - how could we?

Squad: Beca A, Terri, Viv, Priya, Macy, Tilly, Alicia, Becca H, Katherine 





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